What are the shortcomings of play-to-earn games?

What are the shortcomings of play-to-earn games?

You might be wondering if there are shortcomings to play-to-earn games. One may not know that these unique games have limitations or weaknesses. I can’t blame people who have not taken their time to think about the disadvantages of playing some video games with rewards. The news that is popular online about play-to-earn games is about how these games can turn your life around and add to your income. But there’s a saying that “there’s no good thing without a limitation.” So, if this statement is true, then play-to-earn games must have a limitation(s). 

When we get to the details, you’ll see the limitations of games like Axie Infinity, Sorare, the Sandbox, God’s Unchained, Crazy Kings, Decentraland, Splinterland, League of Kingdoms, and every other play-to-earn game. I know you’ll be like, what is this man saying? Please follow me closely. I am going somewhere.

Therefore, this article aims at explaining the shortcomings of play-to-earn games. Please pay attention and shun all distractions right now. But before we proceed, I would like us to take it one after the other. So, we’ll start by explaining the meaning of play-to-earn games. You can read about Online gaming by clicking here

What are play-to-earn games? 

what are play-to-earn games? 

Play-to-earn games are video games that come with a massive reward. There’s an enormous connection between these games and blockchain technology. So, when you see a video game that yokes cryptocurrency to tip or reward players with something tangible that has real-world and a computer-generated world value. Rewards given are non-fungible tokens, crypto coins unique tokens that one can use to prove the proprietorship of content like music or images. Therefore, as the name suggests, you should know that play-to-earn games are games that join the fun with rewards. They are games that are created to turn people’s lives around. With the rewards attached to these games, these games are now ruling the world. Like, no one is willing to play games for fun alone these days when you know that there are games you can play and there’ll be an increase to your income.

Shortcomings of play-to-earn games

Game technicalities built on earning, not fun: 

Game technicalities built on earning, not fun

The inspiration behind creating these games has gone beyond having fun. People are not playing these games for fun. They are playing them because they want to earn cryptocurrency. I have seen someone that said he does not see Axie Infinity as a mere game. He said he’s seeing it as a business. Remember, you must invest a certain amount of money before opening an account to play Axie Infinity. So, he asked the difference between other businesses and Axie Infinity. I was shocked when he gave me that analogy. So, new game developers are no more creating games for pleasure. It is a means of doing business. A man was speaking about the limitations of play-to-earn games in Sydney, and he said we should stop calling the likes of Axie Infinity, God’s Unchained, and Sorare mere games. Therefore, play-to-earn games’ technicalities are built on earning these days and are not fun. No one can take fun as a profession. Do you know people who have taken Axie Infinity as their profession or job? So, it’s not a game. It’s a business that tactically enters the world through gaming. I hope you are seeing something educative. Have you thought in this direction before? I was shocked too. You can read about Unfair play? Video games as exploitative monetized services: An examination of game patents from a consumer protection perspective by visiting https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0747563219302602

The high price to partake in some play-to-earn games:

You must be financially buoyant if you want to play Axie Infinity today. Without a certain amount of money to buy the virtual creatures called Axies, you cannot partake in Axie Infinity. One scary thing about Axie Infinity is that the price of purchasing Axie increases day by day. As there’s an increase in sales of Axie, there’s an increase in the cost of buying three Axie to participate. Remember, I use Axie Infinity here to explain this point. I am talking about shortcomings or limitations in playing some video games. I hope you’re seeing something interesting. Hence, this second point hits and agrees with the fact that people should stop calling play-to-earn games mere games. It’s a business. 

High risk of losing money:

High risk of losing money

 One of the limitations of play-to-earn games is that the tendency that one might lose the money used to partake is high. Several people have lost an enormous amount of money while playing Axie Infinity. Don’t be surprised that I am using Axie Infinity as my example. Axie Infinity is the first play-to-earn game to hit one billion dollars in sales. Also, this game has up to two million active users across the globe. You’ll be lost in thought if you know the number of people that have lost money while playing this game. I was shocked when I heard that a man had lost $800 in Axie Infinity. I was like, Is that a game or a business? I was asking myself that question. So, I hope you’ll agree that this is a limitation. 

Increase in laziness among the youth:

On a final note

Youths are not willing to work these days again. No one can convince youth to stay focused and work these days since playing a game can reward them with money that is even more than someone who claims to be working for hours per day. Play-to-earn games contribute to laziness among the youth these days. Almost 50% of youth are looking for greener pastures in a tricky and easy way. So, when the gaming world introduced the idea of earning after playing games, youths dived into it, and some of them were not ready to work today again. Both juveniles and even some adults are also seen today taking games so seriously than their daily job. I have seen countless of them. 

On a final note

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