Honest 2018 Kill Shot Game Review That Helps You To Understand This Game

In this article we add some positive and negative Kill Shot Game Review that comes from people who Play this awesome game. Many people like this and some of them also didn’t like this game but I suggest you to try Kill Shot Game yourself because of its next level shooting game.

kill shot game review

Here comes the review from our site. According to our review, this game is fine to play. This loading speed and overall speed looks fine on average mobiles. This game is game on Android and IOS but you can also play this game on PC. Kill Shot has the nice sound and it has the English Language. The starting missions look easy but when after completing some missions and getting some level, difficult missions.

Kill Shot Game Review :

Positive Review :

These Kill Shot Game Review are from those people who download this game and play this game. We thank full to these people who spend few minutes on leaving the review and tells the newcomer about this game. Here is there Kill Shot Game Review.

  • The game is really good, however energy refilling takes 10 minutes to fill a single bar. The player has 10 bars of energy when full, so when the bar energy is empty it then takes an hour and forty minutes to refill. Which in my opinion is a bit too long as the amount of energy needed for the special missions emptys the bar too quick. I understand this makes the game challenging and where in app purchases help, however please lower the refilling time to an hour. This would really make your gameplay time longer and thus encouraging more in app purchases. Other than that it really is an awesome game. By tar-riq mohamed
  • Cost is the big limiter in this game. It costs big for every improvement and the increments are so small. It would be nice to get greater improvement for the cost or at least have greater rewards when a mission is completed. Also, when you purchase assets, you should have a greater choice than 5 of whatever, you should be able to purchase 10 or more if you want. I stayed away for awhile, but still love this game. I just don’t spend money anymore so it takes a butt load of patience to earn what you can and not be able to purchase weapons needed. By Allen Smith
  • Great! Love this game ! I play this game every day some times, two and three times a day. Now you can buy supply crates with the gold you win. I LOVE THIS IDEA!! Please don’t change it. Also if you could, break out the next level…STILL WAITING FOR THE NEXT LEVEL. By Jon Dickert

Negative Reviews :

These are some negative review About Kill Shot Game. But i still suggest you to play this game yourself and then take an opinion about this game.

  • Fun good time killer Had the older version this seems much more accurate and faster however is really a rip off you can continue to spend money however if you watch your score the totals do not add after your victories you do not get the proper credit you are due for headshots are multi-kills 4 that reason alone dropping 2. a two and will not be making any more purchases until this issue is straightened out . By George Schoelles
  • This game would and could be great, if it didnt take ages for the energy to refill, if all awards were ACTUALLY given, and if one didnt have to watch ads more than playing the actual game to advance. Numerous times, ive completed missions and received zero reward, received none of the extra points for giving extra energy, and then im just out the energy and whatever cash that would have been made. Then……its an hour and a half wait for full energy, which i might lose completely, again. Lame.  By Sarah Ramsey
  • Just a little upkeep would be nice. It must be over a year now that they have not expanded to the next level. Now, there are no rewards for the special missions, seems like a bug that needs to be fixed but they can’t be bothered. By Ryan Olivieri


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