5+ Working Kill Shot Bravo Game Tips And Tricks 2018

Kill Shot Bravo is the first person shooter game developer by Hothead Games. It’s the Best Shooting Game Kill Shot Bravo.Here you find some working Kill Shot Bravo Tips that helps you a lot to complete the missions. These tips help you to get the high score and get the amazing rewards.

kill shot bravo tips

Top 6 Kill Shot Bravo Tips and Tricks :

1 . Have A Look Before Shot :

Before Shot your enemies are not alerted. They are walking in their ways. So you should take advantage of that thing and f before shooting focus the enemies locations . When you shot they become alert and coming towards you to shot you.

2 .Focus On Your Enemy :

With the help of focus, you shot your enemy accurately. When you move your gun aim toward your enemy, you see the red bar on the head of the enemy  . When it become a full red shot that enemy . With this tips your enemy will kill with just one bullet.

3. Always Shot On Head :

Many shooting games lover already know that shot on head takes only one bullet to kill the enemy  . It’s called headshot. Many games lovers are famous with the nickname of the head shooter. Its very common words in shooting games.

4. Keep upgrading your weapons :

Weapons play an important role. As many of us know that weapons with more power help a lot in completing missions. Some missions are not possible to complete with the simple gun, you need heavy guns for that. So you should keep upgrading your weapons. This tip are not only for Kill shot bravo but also for all shooting games.

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5. Use Your Both Thumbs in Sniper Missions :

In Kill Shot Bravo use your both thumbs in Sniper Missions. Your can handle your game in well manner way with your both thumbs. Like when you have to shot on your enemy, you have to zoom first and then shot. Your thumbs do this task in very nice and easy way. With your one thumb you can zoom on your enemies and with the other thumb, you can shot fire on him. Its very common Kill Shot Bravo tips that most people uses .

6. Use Head Phones :

Use your headphones for enjoying the game and yes its beneficial in a scene of shooting too. When your enemy shot you can hear the sound of fire easily and can defend it.

These are some Kill Shot Bravo tips and tricks that you can follow and completed all the missions with high score.


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