Check out these top play to earn games for mobile and PC

Check out these top play to earn games for mobile and PC

Play to earn games is all the rage right now — after all, who wouldn’t want to make money while doing something they like doing? Because there are a lot of projects out there that make promises that they can’t meet, we went ahead and compiled a list of some of the most promising names we could locate.

Here are our top ten play to earn games on PC or mobile devices. Our top-ten list is likely to evolve, with play to earn games moving up and down the rankings as time goes on. Currently, we have discovered the following 10 titles to be the most suitable if you are looking to earn prizes, NFTs, or cryptocurrency while playing these games.

1. Splinterlands (PC) Genre: Tactical Card Game Platform: Computer

This tactical card game is a little different in that it is mostly focused on passive gameplay, with deck building being the primary objective. All fights are automated, making it simple to play and allowing players to concentrate more on the actual deck building process rather than the strategy of playing the game. Despite the fact that it’s a strange experience, it’s a fantastic one for gamers who have little time to devote to their crypto gaming endeavors. Learn more about playing, play to earn games by clicking here.

2. Axie Infinity is available for iOS, Android, and PC.

Turn-based battles are the genre in which this game is set.

Axie Infinity, maybe the most well-known name in the play to earn games niche, is still a mainstay in the lineup of any crypto gaming enthusiast. Axies are collected and raised by players in order to battle against other players and to advance their PvP levels. The cash collected is used to pay for breeding costs and other expenses – despite the fact that the admission price is substantially more than that of most other play to earn games on the market. It is still a viable choice for anybody looking to earn some cryptocurrency while having a good time playing a strategic game!

3. Aavegotchi (PC) Genre: GameFi. Platform: Computer

Aavegotchi is mostly a DeFi with some collecting features, with the emphasis on earning cryptocurrency rather than on real gaming enjoyment, which Aavegotchi does not place a strong emphasis on at this time. Nonetheless, it provides a wide range of opportunities to earn cryptocurrency. Additionally, there are other components that are still under development, such as an MMO that should shake up what is already available for both new and old gamers.

4. Sorare is available for iOS, Android, and PC.

This is one of the most popular NFT play to earn games available, and it has very tight parallels to the real-world sport of football. Players assemble teams of fantasy football players and then compete against one another. That being said, winning this game is not simple, and putting together a decent squad takes time and money — and by the time you have your great players, the game may have already altered. Nonetheless, for football enthusiasts, this game is an excellent introduction to cryptocurrency and NFT collecting!

5. Gods Unchained: Trading Card Game (PC) Platform: PC Genre: Trading Card Game

Gods Unchained is a Trading Card Game based on the NFT system that is now regarded to be one of the finest play to earn games available. Deck building, battles, tactical choices, and of course a little amount of chance are all included in the game. It is rated E for Everyone. Players gather cards as non-transferable tokens (of course), and as a result, they have the ability to develop or sell their decks at any time. As players go through the game and win, they collect card packs, which they may use to supplement their earnings and upgrade their deck if they so want.

6. The Sandbox (PC) Genre: Virtual Reality Metaverse World Platform: PC

One of the metaverse hopes, The Sandbox is one of several projects that want to create a complete world for players to explore — and it does so by providing players with a variety of diverse places in which to play. The social element, as well as the wide range of activities available, are the two most important components of it. Everyone, regardless of their abilities or inclinations, may find something to do while earning cryptocurrency on the side!

MegaCryptoPolis is a simulation game that runs on a PC platform.

A lot of diverse elements come together in this game; it’s not just an economic simulation that demands players to concentrate on management, but it also includes NFTs as resources that the player may employ to build up his or her business. Because it’s still in development, there will be more to come, and because it’s on the Polygon chain, it’s a relatively good pick for beginners as regards play to earn games because it doesn’t have the high gas prices that the main Eth chain has.

8. Crazy Defense Heroes (iOS and Android) Genre: Tower Defense Platform: iOS and Android

Crazy Defense Heroes is a tower defense game that is exclusively available on mobile devices and is developed on Ethereum. It does not make use of NFTs, but it does provide a great deal of entertainment — games are short and everything is neatly packaged in a visually appealing game. There isn’t a lot to the crypto component of this game when compared to more fully-featured games like Blankos or Axie, but that might be appealing to individuals who are new to crypto gaming and simply want to give it a go.

9.  Blankos Block Party. The platform is PC and the genre is Action Adventure.

In terms of anticipation, Blankos is and has been one of the most anticipated crypto play to earn games projects to date — it’s likely the closest thing we’ve seen from the NFT and crypto worlds to a AAA game. In order to get rewards such as extra NFT drops or straight up cryptocurrency, users must first purchase their Blankos and then gather and equip them before participating in different party activities and contests with them. It’s entertaining, it’s simple to learn, and the first commitment is rather inexpensive.

10. REVV Racing System requirements: PC Genre: Racing

When it comes to the realm of crypto play to earn games, REVV Racing is an odd genre — it is a racing game. With lots of competition and a high learning curve that can easily throw off those who aren’t too adept at it, this game provides a strong and thrilling racing experience despite the lack of earnable NFTs. Players who are not interested in accumulating NFTs but still want to participate in cryptocurrency gaming will find it an excellent option.