Axie Infinity: A sure way to financial buoyancy or Peril?

Axie Infinity: A sure way to financial buoyancy or Peril?

Axie Infinity has a major trend in several developing countries gradually. Being a play-to-earn game, countless people are subscribing to the gaming community. Look up everywhere on the internet; everyone talks about the financial opportunities in play axie infinity. 

You might have heard that it is a sure way to accumulate wealth or something more amusing. Well. It might be true that play axie infinity allows players to earn tokens that can later be converted into money in their local bank account. 

However, no matter the infinite income-earning opportunities axie infinity promises, it remains a game. And that’s why I expect people o ask a few hones questions before agreeing to invest their hard-earned money into the game. 

If you are playing the game for fun, you don’t have to stress yourself doing research or asking serious questions. But, if it requires that you purchase something with your money first, it is wise to make your findings to know if the game is worth the investment in the long run.

Axie Infinity: A sure way to financial buoyancy or Peril?

 You need to ask a few questions: is the game all about the benefits? Does it entail risk or not? What’s the process for converting my earned tokens to cash in my wallet? How long does it take? And more.

As you read the lines in this article, could you get one thing straight? This write-up is not to downplay the financial opportunities and benefits that play axie infinity is bringing o the world economy. Instead, I am writing to give you a balanced view of axie infinity and how much expectation you should have.

To have a complete understanding of axie infinity’s financial buoyancy, let’s look at a recent market update conducted in October 2021.

Market Update for Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity helped the blockchain gaming industry experience a significant boost in the last quarter. Transaction volumes increased by a whopping 750%, while unique active wallets also soared by 100%. Meanwhile, the surge has been consistently growing quarter after quarter since the pandemic in 2020. As a result, the play-to-earn gaming model has become a significant trend among young people and in the world of older adults. 

The sudden growth continued from then till the end of the year 2021. Gaming has now become the newest means to generate income in several developing countries. Thanks to axie infinity. As of writing, gaming fetches over a million daily unique active wallets as funding activities for blockchain play-to-earn games stay strong as Sky Mavis accrue up to 4152 million a month. 

Axie Infinity: A sure way to financial buoyancy or Peril?

Recently, the Vietnamese developer Sky Mavis reported that play axie infinity had exceeded 2 million daily active users {DAUs}. Meanwhile, that surpasses the entire blockchain gaming record per day based on DappRadar’s report. More so, it is getting more complicated to estimate the activities of Axie Infinity’s daily active users due to the ever-increasing participation.

Axie Infinity drives the growth in UAW

Unique Active Wallets UAW has experienced massive growth and more recommendations for the past few months. That is due to the consistent growth in axie infinity wallet activity which increased 34%. Although, Splinterlands is also part of the driving force of UAW’s growth, with a 57% increment in wallet activity.

Since the game began to gain popularity after the pandemic, axie infinity has become a significant influencer in the new economic world. Without a doubt, this blockchain game is one of the reasons crypto is gaining more territories. Learn more where to buy crypto coins for NFT games.

Axie Infinity’s Transaction Volume

Blockchain trading volumes have also grown to 762% the quarter after quarter. In the third quarter of 2021, blockchain trading volumes soared higher to $2.32 billion. Though there was an unexpected decline in the following month, subsequent months have shown that the growth has returned to the sky-rocketing mode.

It is also essential to note that play axie infinity estimated $2.08 billion, which is 90% of overall trading volume in the third quarter of 2021. That report is according to DappRadar.

Axie Infinity: A sure way to financial buoyancy or Peril?

The Growth of NFT Games

There is notable growth in the transaction volume of NFT games projects. NFT projects like play axie infinity have been a major driving force for the past few months. Axie Infinity is the fastest-growing NFT game bringing massive traffic to the gaming community in different oars of the world, and so, it has been enjoying its NFT mint. 

As with Unique Active Wallets, power curves have been an oppressive force in sales volume. Axie Infinity, the leading blockchain gaming title based on monthly sales volume, has about 63 times more wallet activities than some of the contending NFT games available. 

How many funds are blockchain games raising?

In October 2021 alone, blockchain games raised more than $364 million, part of which Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity, takes the largest share. For Axie Infinity, October fundraising was an outstanding improvement for the company and the participants.  

As of October 2021, the fundraising of blockchain games dropped by 65% from over $1 billion in financing. In September, it was still staying at the up-soaring level, leaving no trace of the immediate fall in the next month. We are excepting the fundraising activity of blockchain games to remain strong in the forthcoming months, considering the momentum of the newly invented NFT games.

Undoubtedly, the blockchain gaming industry is emerging an open economy, creating easy access for game lovers to explore the infinite financial opportunities community. Meanwhile, Axie Infinity seems to be the leading force for income generation, having recorded billions of American dollars since the beginning of the pandemic till now. 

Final Words 

Considering the consistent growth of play axie infinity and the NFT gaming world entirely, it is reasonable to conclude that Axie Infinity is worth your investment and time. If you are planning to join the Axie Infinity community for income generation purposes, make sure you learn about the standard rules and regulations of the game to maximize your earnings.